Helping Energy Certificate system facilitators

To design and optimize their energy tracking system to ensure it is trusted, efficient and future-proof for the ongoing energy transition.

Centre of Expertise in Energy Origin Tracking

Building on 20+ years of experience in energy certification systems, Enunda’s proven approach focuses on strengthening cooperation between energy certificate issuers and their stakeholders. Enunda provides profound expertise, independent from trading parties, helping to draft regulation, facilitate energy certificate markets and supervise origin disclosure.

Enunda helps certificate scheme operators and individual certificate issuers around the globe – to create more transparency in the origin of energy and realize the purpose of their certification system.

This enables the system participants to impact the sustainability of energy production and contribute to a cleaner world:

Hi, I’m Katrien Verwimp

I’m a systemic coach, MBA, MSc, who works with energy origin tracking facilitators. I’m driven to help achieving reliable and efficient energy tracking systems.

Katrien verwimp expert energy tracking

What is energy origin tracking about?

Electricity and gas suppliers have a means to declare their offers as e.g. originating from Spanish solar or Danish wind energy, if they back such claims with reliable energy attribute certificates such as guarantees of origin.

This empowers consumers to make impactful purchasing choices. Enunda helps the system facilitators who ensure that claims of green energy consumption are transparent and trustworthy.

Want to optimize your energy tracking system for trusted interaction?

Our customized training programs will help you progress your insights on energy origin tracking.

Our Gap Analysis will help you identify action areas for a reliable, efficient and future proof energy certificate scheme.

Our Strategy Support can help you get there.