Meet the team

Centre of Expertise in Energy Origin Tracking

Enunda helps energy certificate issuers to design and optimize their energy tracking system to ensure it is trusted, efficient and future proof for the ongoing energy transition.

Katrien Verwimp

Energy Tracking System Facilitation Expert

Erwin Cornelis

Senior Energy Policy Expert

Shubham Sinha

Energy Origin Tracking Analyst

What does Enunda stand for?

The company name Enunda originates from the Latin words ENergia (Energy) and UNDA (Wave). It stands for the Energy that initiates a Wave.

A wave can bring about a transformation of an existing state, whether on an individual, organizational, national, regional, or global level. A wave of transformation needs a dynamic of cocreation, driven by wisdom, connection, and empowerment.

Have you ever noticed that what sets off a wave is actually very still energy?
Being still and conscious about what you want to achieve is a big part of actually making it happen. Especially when many stakeholders are involved, in an atmosphere of openness and collaboration.