Helping Energy Certificate system facilitators

To design and optimize their energy tracking system to ensure it is trusted, efficient and future-proof for the ongoing energy transition.

Resources and references

Enunda’s experience relies on work with, amongst others, following energy tracking system facilitators:

AssignmentsEntityWhenGeographic scope
Coordinator of the Sector Integration Program – Energy CertificatesAIB – Association of Issuing Bodies2020-nowEurope
Auditors team coordinator – assuring quality of national certificate systems towards the European Energy Certificate System (EECS)AIB
Chairperson of the Independent Audit Committee, Energy Certificate ExpertEnergyTag2021-nowGlobal
REGADISS – Reliable Gas Disclosure : Project leadershipDG Ener – European Commission2024Europe
Gap analysis and optimisation of Turkish guarantee of origin system (YEK-G)EPIAS /EXIST (Turkish Market operator)2021-2022Turkey
Gap analysis of Taiwanese Renewable Energy Certificates (T-RECs) with the European Renewable Energy DirectiveTIER2022Taiwan
IT- Architectural outline for certificate registry extension from electricity to gas, hydrogen, heating and coolingan issuing body in Europe2021a country in EFTA region

Project leader: Facilitating Standards for Guarantees of Origin
DG Ener – European Commission2020Europe
REGATRACE – Work package leader: Integration of guarantees of origin for multiple energy carriers : Horizon 2020 programAIB
CertifHy – Integration of Hydrogen in the European Energy Certificate SystemClean Hydrogen Partnership (FCH2JU)2020-2023Europe
Regulatory Advisor and Professional reviewerAIB

The Enunda team brings in experiences from:

AssignmentsEntityWhenGeographic scope
Senior Program Manager “Transparency on the Origin of Consumed Electricity”
Senior Product Manager “Guarantees of Origin”,
Market Supervisor Guarantees of Origin and Renewable Energy Support System
VREG – Flemish Regulator for Electricity and Gas2010-2019Belgium-Flanders
Chairperson International working groups (30+ issuing bodies to jointly focus on energy certificate standard maintenance and evolution, and joint IT system operation)VREG2013-2015
Setting up architecture and specifications for 3 energy certificate registry re-buildsVREG2002-2019Belgium-Flanders
Managing certificate system for public support of renewable electricity and high-efficient cogenerationVREG2002-2010Belgium-Flanders
Leading the Verification bureau for audit convenant
Gaining ISO 9000 accreditation as lead auditor
Taking part of the CBAM regulation development group with the European Commission
Taking part of the ISO Standard development for GHG emissions for hydrogen
Energy storage: Optimizing second life batteries
Consultancy to governments

Enunda’s expertise is found in, amongst others: