Helping Energy Certificate system facilitators

To design and optimize their energy tracking system to ensure it is trusted, efficient and future-proof for the ongoing energy transition.

Resources and references

Enunda’s experience relies on work with, amongst others, following energy tracking system facilitators:

AssignmentsEntityWhenGeographic scope
Strategy Coordinator and Coordinator of the Sector Integration Program – Energy CertificatesAIB – Association of Issuing Bodies2020-nowEurope
Auditors team coordinator – assuring quality of national certificate systems towards the European Energy Certificate System (EECS)AIB
Chairperson of the Independent Audit Committee, Energy Certificate ExpertEnergyTag2021-nowGlobal
REGADISS – Reliable Gas Disclosure : Project leadershipDG Ener – European Commission2024Europe
Gap analysis and optimisation of Turkish guarantee of origin system (YEK-G)EPIAS /EXIST (Turkish Market operator)2021-2022Turkey
Gap analysis of Taiwanese Renewable Energy Certificates (T-RECs) with the European Renewable Energy DirectiveTIER2022Taiwan
IT- Architectural outline for certificate registry extension from electricity to gas, hydrogen, heating and coolingan issuing body in Europe2021a country in EFTA region

Project leader: Facilitating Standards for Guarantees of Origin
DG Ener – European Commission2020Europe
REGATRACE – Work package leader: Integration of guarantees of origin for multiple energy carriers : Horizon 2020 programAIB
CertifHy – Integration of Hydrogen in the European Energy Certificate SystemClean Hydrogen Partnership (FCH2JU)2020-2023Europe
Regulatory Advisor and Professional reviewerAIB
Coordinating stakeholder input for update of the Granular Certificate Scheme Standard, drafting 24/7 Granular Matching StandardEnergyTag2023-2024Global
Online In-company masterclass series on Hydrogen Certification Landscape2023-2024Global

The Enunda team brings in experiences from:

AssignmentsEntityWhenGeographic scope
Senior Program Manager “Transparency on the Origin of Consumed Electricity”
Senior Product Manager “Guarantees of Origin”,
Market Supervisor Guarantees of Origin and Renewable Energy Support System
VREG – Flemish Regulator for Electricity and Gas2010-2019Belgium-Flanders
Chairperson International working groups (30+ issuing bodies to jointly focus on energy certificate standard maintenance and evolution, and joint IT system operation)VREG2013-2015
Setting up architecture and specifications for 3 energy certificate registry re-buildsVREG2002-2019Belgium-Flanders
Managing certificate system for public support of renewable electricity and high-efficient cogenerationVREG2002-2010Belgium-Flanders
Taking part of the CBAM regulation development group with the European CommissionDG Clima2022-2023European Union
Taking part of the ISO 19870 Standard development for GHG emissions for hydrogenECOS2022-2023European Economic Area
Evaluation of the Tradable Certificate Schemes for renewable energy and for high-efficient cogenerationVEKA – Flemish Energy and Climate Agency2010-2011Belgium - Flanders
Gaining ISO 9000 accreditation as lead auditorLlyod’s Register2006International
Leading the Verification bureau for audit convenantVEKA – Flemish Energy and Climate Agency2005-2007Belgium - Flanders
Energy storage: Optimizing second life batteriesreLi, Uppsala University2022 - 2023Germany
Consultancy to governments

Enunda’s expertise is found in, amongst others:

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